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Reopening of the Halton Curve

Castle Park Project to celebrate the reopening of the Halton Curve

The Halton Curve is a short, but vital, section of railway track connecting the North Wales Coast Line to the Liverpool Section of the West Coast Main Line from Frodsham Junction to Halton Junction. Out of service for more than four decades; the line has recently been upgraded and reopened by Network Rail for hourly services between Wrexham / Chester and Liverpool.

Reinstating this vital piece of track meant unlocking key connections between Liverpool and Chester / Wrexham; opening new employment opportunities, generating additional tourism, alleviating congested roads and creating numerous additional economic benefits for local communities.

When work commenced on reopening the Halton Curve, the Local group and our partner North Cheshire Rail Users Group (NCRUG) developed close relationships with Network Rail, Cheshire West and Chester Council and Castle Park Trust. As part of these valued relationships, the NCRUG were able to request decommisoned equipment (previously used as part of the Frodsham Junction), for the purpose of displaying them as part of an art installation at Castle Park for the local communities to experience, appreciate and enjoy.

With grateful thanks from the NCRUG, Network Rail gifted two semaphore signals and three levers which were repurposed for inclusion in this unique art project. Also included were plans and foundation drawings, created by Network Rail for the installation of the equipment.

The semaphores have been placed in Castle Park, one near Fountains Lane entrance with the levers, and the other off Chester Road and are in place now for everyone to enjoy.

Our thanks again to everyone who helped make this unique installation possible:

• Network Rail
• Cheshire West and Chester Council – Street Care and Environment Commissioning Team (coordinated by the Locality team)
• Castle Park Trust
• Northern Cheshire Rail Users’ Group
• North Cheshire Community Rail Partnership